How to play Baccarat – a rocket science or a simple activity

How to play Baccarat – basic things to know

This game is, for sure, not as popular as Poker or Blackjack, but if to get main things about how to play Baccarat, it becomes obviously that pass time with it on display, even without any infographic or special drawing, can be very exciting and spectacular. Simple rules make it readily understandable for all gamblers. And the same gamblers can get those unforgettable emotions, which can, hardly, another card game brings. This attractiveness has lead the game to be included into the libraries of many online casinos with explanations about how to deal Baccarat.

How to play Baccarat – step by step instructions

The main point about how to play Baccarat casino is to guess who will be the winner: a banker (a dealer) or a player. It’s also an opportunity to make a bet on a tie. It doesn’t matter how do you play Baccarat, but the main rules can be formulated as follows.

  • Before the cards are dealt, a player chooses what part will be supported (a player, a dealer). Generally, it’s the only rule to know for beginners, who don’t know how to play Baccarat. Then it’s just a matter of chance if to consider the thing globally.
  • Two cards are dealt on each box.
  • Tens and court cards are counted as zero, others equal to their face value, where Aces have a rate of one point. If total amount is more than 10, then only the highest number is considered. As an example, when there are 8 and 6 on the hand (total 14), only 4 is taken. The winner is that participant, who has a number closer to 9.
  • If 2 cards give 8 or 9 in total after the first deal, it’s called “natural” win and the round is over.
  • When the amount of player’s cards is from 0 to 5, the third card is taken (only if the dealer hasn’t 8 or 9 on the hands).
  • As for the dealer’s hand, the third card is taken if the following condition are on the table:
  • The dealer’s handThe player’s third hand
    0-39, 10 or Ace
    0-66 or 7
    0-54 or 5
    0-42 or 3
  • Then the final calculations are made and the winner is announced. And the winner is the holder of the cards with numbers closer to 9.

How to play Baccarat and what can be a winning strategy

”How to play Bacarat and win?” – this is a natural question that appears in minds of all players. And there are some specific advice, which should be considered while playing Baccarat.

  • There are more chances with the bets on the dealer, as additional cards are dealt oftener to the box.
  • It’s better to study the situation first before making bets, as it’ll be very useful to find the “luckiest” box.
  • It’s always necessary to get the information about the number of decks, as it has direct influence on the chances.
  • Mathematics is the king of science. Try to keep in mind all the cards that left a game.
  • As this game is quite simple with low winning odds, there’s no need to spend much time, playing Baccarat.

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