Baccarat betting system as a good way to win without big risks

Baccarat is considered to be a very unpredictable and controversial game that is based solely on luck. But in the meanwhile, casino experts didn’t waste time and developed some good strategies, which helped so many people to get enough profit and save a lot of money. There are many reviews on betting system baccarat, where you can find a lot of information and learn to play carefully. Here we will explain shortly all that you need to know about baccarat.

How to win using the baccarat betting system

Baccarat betting system can be used in the case if you want to improve your chances to leave the table as a winner. Practicing it, you significantly reduce the risks to lose all your money while playing baccarat. The only thing you must remember is to be careful because a betting system cannot always get over the long term advantages. But using the right system, you will add much more fun to your casino game.

baccarat betting system

The best advice on how to beat the baccarat betting system free, to be more confident in your winning, is to bet on the banker hand. The house edge on the banker bet is 1.06%, and when you bet on the player hand it is usually 1.24%. It can mean that making the banker bet every time in the long run, you will save more. If you win, betting on the banker, the house charges a commission that is around 5%. For example, if you bet $20 you will get $19.

The strategy of baccarat betting system with a guaranteed profit

There are many different strategies that you can use as the main one. But first, let’s take a closer look at each of them.

The Martingale betting strategy

It is one of the oldest and most popular strategies that is used in baccarat. It has a negative progression system and is based on betting the same amount of money after the win, and double the amount after the loss. It features certain steps which you must follow:

  • Bet $10 and win the hand;
  • Bet the same amount again;
  • If you lose, next time double the bet, for example, $20;
  • If you win, you can go back to the initial amount – $10.

The Paroli betting strategy

It is a positive betting system and is considered as much safer than the previous one. Its steps are pretty simple:

  • Choose a fixed base bet, for example, $5;
  • If you win, double the bet – $10;
  • After you win three times, stop doubling and start from the base one;
  • If you lost, start again from the initial bet.

The Labouchere betting strategy

This betting system is much more complicated than the others and features the following steps:

  • Write down the row of numbers from 1 to 8;
  • Your bet must be equal to the sum of the first and last numbers;
  • If you win, you remove the numbers 1 and 8 and start with the new first and last ones;
  • If the case you lose, add a new number to the row, for example, 9.

The Fibonacci betting strategy

This strategy follows a special sequence of numbers, where every number is the exact sum of the two that come before them. All you need to do is:

  • Start with $1 as it is the first number in the Fibonacci sequence;
  • If you lose, move to the next number, the bet stays the same;
  • After you lose again, continue in the same way, but the next bet will be $2;
  • If your loses continue, do all the same process, with the next bet – $3;
  • If you win, go two numbers back, and put a bet of the corresponding size – $1.

All of these strategies will definitely work if you will follow all the necessary steps in the right way. So, get enough practice, and you will become the master of the baccarat game.

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